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Focus on your soft skills

business conversationsFor our next event we are pleased to welcome back to the Isle of Man, Charles Chang FBCS CITP.  We are also trying a different format for this event, instead of the usual presentation/talk, the BCS IoM Committee is pleased to offer 2 sessions covering different subjects.

The first session will start at 5.30pm and is entitled Understanding and applying your relationship tendencies.  There will then be a short break for tea/coffee etc, and the second session will start at 6.45pm and is entitled Managing conflicts collaboratively.

Session 1: Understanding and applying your relationship tendencies
There is much talk about relationships and that all good customer service starts with a good relationship. However, all too often, these are just words and seldom turned into action.

What many people are not aware is that in psychology, relationships between people are a well-researched and understood field. Not only that, but there are many proven and practical assessment tools available. Some of these delve into one’s personality such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). Others stick with the more visible and hence more manageable external behaviour such as FIRO-B®, which stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behaviour

At a time when business is increasingly competitive, fast-moving and challenging, there is a tendency to avoid building long-term relationships and go for quick-win transactions. This is a mistake. A short-term small gain may prove to be a long-term large loss.
Charles Chang will describe an extremely useful tool to help you understand the underlying behavioural issues behind how people have natural tendencies in their interpersonal behaviour. With this knowledge you will be better equipped to analyse a situation and determine how to handle it positively and productively.

Session 2: Managing conflicts collaboratively
At a time when the economy is in recession and many organisations are under great pressure, tension and conflict can become more frequent and intense within a team, leading to non-optimal decisions and impaired performance. Even in the absence of overt conflict, disagreements on how best to achieve shared objectives when external factors are changing rapidly and multiple options exist can undermine the best laid strategies.
Charles will describe a Method to help you understand the underlying behavioural issues behind conflicts and how to move to a win-win collaborative position. His talk is based on the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®) which is the leading instrument for conflict resolution. By measuring and modelling an individual’s behaviour in conflict situations, it helps to open discussions about personal and group dynamics.

CharlesChangCharles Chang FBCS CITP is a management consultant who works with CIOs and Heads of IT to improve the business leverage of their IT investment through supporting them on the ‘softer’ issues of IT management – achieved through highly interactive workshops, often using proven psychometric tools.
He also works with major IT vendors to further their understanding of business and management issues facing CIOs.

Charles developed his IT skills with IBM in the US and with ICL in the UK over 15 years – late 60s & 70s. His consulting and research skills were developed over 25 years at Butler Cox, Wentworth Research – which he co-founded – and Gartner, where he was a VP of EXP: Executive Programs for CIOs – early 80s to 2004.  Charles is the author of numerous reports and has addressed business and IT executives internationally.

Recently, Charles has become heavily engaged in voluntary activities for the BCS and is an Advisory Councillor as well as chair of the Management Forum. He also sits on several other BCS boards and committees.

Claremont Hotel on Monday 19th October 2009. Doors open at 17:15 for an 17:30 start.

Handouts from event
Understanding and applying your relationship tendencies
Managing conflicts collaboratively


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