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Towards a smart “city state”? – August 23rd

Thursday 23rd August 2012 in the Sanderson Suite at the Claremont Hotel. Doors open at 5pm for a 6pm start and 7:15pm finish with a complementary buffet and refreshments.  The speaker will be available for more detailed discussions after the presentation.

Julian Tait is a UK project lead of the European Commission smart city programme (#citysdk) to develop a world class European software development ecosystem with 1000+ software developers.

The “Internet of Things” is the widespread connection of sensor networks to monitor the environment, energy meters, buildings, vehicles, gadgets and even individual pieces of rubbish in order to build a detailed, accurate model of the real world.  More real time information offers the potential to dramatically improve our quality of life, decrease waste in line with green targets and increase national productivity.

David Bott, director of innovation programmes at the UK Technology Strategy Board explained that the number of connected objects is estimated to reach 50 billion by 2020 and the estimated value is hundreds of billions of pounds per year, with new business models, applications and services leveraging information and applied insights across different sectors.

Smart City examples include:

  • an integrated journey planner or a “next bus” mobile app with WIFI/GSM/GPS geolocation
  • directed parking with available spaces in car parks and on streets – up to 30 percent of urban traffic carbon emissions are from trying to find a parking space
  • lift share schemes and bike share schemes such as London, Dublin and Paris
  • advertising billboards that detect and automatically adjust content to male/female pedestrians
  • precision farming linked to data from satellite imaging and environmental sensors to spread extra fertiliser on fields with lower nutrient levels

Julian is also an event organiser of FutureEverything, the British equivalent to the American TEDx and SXSW and German DLD conferences.


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