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Philosophy of Scrum – Wednesday 27th March

Jens Ostergaard is an Agile Development consultant who helps organizations understand the fundamentals of Scrum, he argues that organizations should keep Scrum as pure as possible until they fully understand the mechanisms that drive development forward.

Having more than 20 years of experience as developer, dba, team manager, project manager and ScrumMaster, primarily in financial organizations, he has worked with all aspects of software development. Jens has managed several Scrum projects, and became a fully qualified CSM Trainer in 2004. Apart from consulting and training, Jens gives popular presentations about Scrum at conferences and for organizations.

Jens is based in Peel from where he delivers Scrum consulting and training across Europe. He is co-founder of the Scrum Foundation alongside Dr. Jeff Sutherland who created Scrum. Jens was the first Certified Scrum Practitioner in the world and one of the first Certified Scrum Trainers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Analysis at Linköping University, Sweden, and one year at graduate school, business department, in Madison, Wisconsin.

What is Scrum?
Scrum is a development framework in which cross-functional teams develop products or projects in an iterative, incremental manner. It structures development in cycles of work called Sprints. These iterations are no more than four weeks each (the most common is two weeks), and take place one after the other without pause. The Sprints are timeboxed – they end on a specific date whether the work has been completed or not, and are never extended. Usually Scrum Teams choose one Sprint length and use it for all their Sprints until they improve and can use a shorter cycle. At the beginning of each Sprint, a cross-functional Team (of about seven people) selects items (customer requirements) from a prioritized list. The Team agrees on a collective target of what they believe they can deliver by the end of the Sprint, something that is tangible and will be truly “done”.

Jens will explain the Philosophy of Scrum, which is one of the key methods used in Agile development, how and why it works and when done properly is much more effective than older alternative development methods.

Date: Wednesday 27th March
Location: The Forum, 17 – 18 Mount Havelock, Douglas.
Start: 18:00

Slides from the event can be found here: Scrum Slides


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