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Mass Surveillance: Technology, Spies and Whistleblowers – 22nd November


Our next speaker is Jim Killock, director at the Open Rights Group and former external communications director at the Green Party.

Named by Managing IP as one of the most influential people on data governance alongside James Dyson, Jonathan Ive (Apple) and Jan Kees de Jager (Netherlands Finance Minister), he is a specialist on new business models in the creative economy.

He will explore if mass surveillance is ethical, ACTA, the “Snoopers Charter” and the role of courts and whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden with revelations on GCHQ Tempora, PRISM and the Marina database.

With the increasing corporate debate on deep packet inspection of commercially confidential emails, wholesale industrial espionage by foreign state hackers and privacy as a competitive edge demonstrated by Email Made in Germany and offshore opportunities such as the Icelandic economic development policy to promote a free speech sanctuary, can we trust data with US cloud companies and technology companies that agreed to backdoors in Operation Bullrun and Operation Edgehill? What about the Google patents and 2 huge floating datacentres under construction on the West coast and East coast able to operate in international waters? Is bitcoin only in deep water because the intelligence agencies do not have a backdoor key?

Date: 22nd November
Location: Sanderson Suite, The Claremont Hotel, Douglas

  • 5:30pm Coffee and Tea
  • 6:00pm Start
  • 7:00pm Buffet with laptops and social beers, informal technical discussions and lightning talks will focus on edemocracy and NHS patient records.

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