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MICTA & BCS Masterclass – Professor Margaret Ross

The Manx ICT Association(MICTA) and the IOM BCS Branch in conjunction with the BCSWomen Specialist Group have invited Professor Margaret Ross MBE, FBCS, CITP, CEng, CSci to the Island to present a BCS Masterclass Seminar. You can BOOK HERE

Seminar Sessions



Professor Ross’s first presentation will outline the actions currently undertaken to support female BCS members and to encourage Students, particularly Girls, into Computing.

Gender diversity still poses a major challenge in the IT and telecoms industry, with women making up less than 20 per cent of the IT workforce.

One of the turning points of the last decade has been a recognition from business that diversity is something to be valued. McKinsey have released a series of reports under the ‘Women Matter’ banner, which show, from a business perspective, that diverse teams perform better in the business world.

Professor Ross’s presentation discusses actions by various BCS Member Groups such as the Quality Specialist Group, she also outlines, the BCS involvement with schools both nationally and locally, including the new Computer Science Syllabus for Primary and Secondary Schools in England.

With BCS Women encouraging girls into computing, from identifying role models by posters for schools, women role-model on the BCS website, free e-book, and role models on Wikipedia.

The second part of the seminar will commence at 6.30pm.


Professor Ross’s second presentation is based on two 2014 EC reports on utilising new technology in teaching and learning.

Barriers and opportunities associated with professionals are considered. Practical possibilities for increasing the understanding and implementation of process improvement are discussed, including the use of webinars. The use of MOOCs, potentially leading to on-line assessed qualifications, could increase the number of practitioners with the relevant knowledge. Changes to SFIAplus could enhance awareness of process improvement, and so encourage employers to authorise relevant training.

The lack of relevant knowledge and experience of teachers and lecturers is considered, together with the problems of pressures by other topics on academic courses. The actions that could be undertaken to promote and assist the teaching of process improvement in colleges and universities range from provision of suitable case studies to the inclusion of process improvement within the accreditation of courses. The opportunities associated with the new higher apprenticeships could provide potential practitioners with process improvement skills for the future. Changes in the requirements by professional bodies for syllabus content for accredited courses, aligned with enhanced SFIAplus, could increase awareness of process improvement. The syllabus could be aligned with professional courses, so students could obtain the professional qualification as well as their academic qualifications.

More about Professor Ross –

Margaret Ross is Emeritus Professor of Software Quality at Southampton Solent University. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Staffordshire University in 2004, became a Freeman of the City of London and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Engineers in 2001. Already an FBCS, she was awarded an Honorary FBCS in 2007 and the BCS John Ivison medal in 2011. She received an MBE at Buckingham Palace in 2009 from Prince Charles for services to Higher Education.

Margaret is an active member of the BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT, and is on various Boards and committees, including the BCS Council and Trustee Board, Vice Chair of the Quality SG and the e-Learning SG, Secretary of the GreenIT SG and Chair of the Hampshire Branch. She is also on the BCS committee of BCSWomen SG, Cybercrime Forensics SG and the Animation and Games Development SG.
In 1998 Margaret was appointed as Senator for four years onto the Engineering Council, then, on its demise, was elected onto its replacement as one of the 24 members to represent all the EC Registrants, onto College A of the newly formed Engineering and Technology Board. Margaret’s original degrees were in mathematics.
Margaret had been an Independent Member of PITCOM (Parliamentary IT Committee) and had been elected onto its Council.
In 2001, she won the national PAWS Special Award for a TV soap idea that if televised could raise the profile of engineering and attract youngsters, particularly girls, to computing and technology. She is currently working with colleagues in Finland, trying to develop an Internet/Radio based series, through drama, to raise awareness of IT, particularly for SMEs. Its aim is also to address their shortage of computer professionals by encouraging girls and women to consider careers in IT.

Margaret’s area of interest is quality. She has also been Conference Director since 1992 of the annual series of Software Quality Management international conferences, aimed at benefits to industry, and since 1995 of the annual series of international educational INSPIRE conferences. She has edited over forty books, has examined over twenty Phds and supervises Phd students and lectures part-time.

Places are limited and early booking is highly recommended. Booking Link


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