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Darkside 2.0 – Brief glimpses into the shadows at some darker real-life uses of the Internet today

  • Tuesday 26th April 2016, at 1830 (doors open 1730), at Barrool Suite, 5th Floor, Tynwald (enter via public entrance on Finch Road)
  • Networking opportunity, with complimentary soft drinks and light refreshments, from 1730 – 1830.

This event is presented by BCS London North Branch, and will be streamed live to our BCS Isle of Man meeting in the Barrool Suite

The internet has spawned many spin-offs and new industries, including creation and use of Bitcoin and virtual currencies. The Oxford Dictionary defines Bitcoin as “a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify transfer of funds operating independently of a central bank”.

At this event we look at aspects of both the shiny ‘head’ side and also the dark ‘tail’ side of virtual currency. But just as real money attracts criminals, so do Bitcoins. We trust financial institutions with our real money, but who can be trusted to hold virtual cryptocurrency? Crimes that can take place in real worlds with real currencies can also take place in virtual worlds, and Bitcoin is increasingly used for questionable activities with disturbing consequences…

This is the second of a number of ‘Darkside’ events – come to listen and learn about this important topic, and to ‘dare to share’ your views with us.

Expert Presenters:
–     Dai Davis – Technology Lawyer (Chartered Engineer and Solicitor, previously presented at BCS Isle of Man: April 2013)
–     Dave Lattimore – Former Detective; now Technical Advisor, Digital Investigation Unit, Forensic Services, LGC Group (evolved from “Laboratory of the Government Chemist”)
–     Anish Mohammed – Lead Security Architect at Lloyds Bank; and Advisor, Ripple Labs / BlockChain Advisory Group

BCS members who attend this (26th April) event may request a CPD certificate, which will be provided at no charge. Non-members may also request a CPD certificate; there will be a £5 charge for non-members who request a CPD certificate, this needs to be paid to a BCS Isle of Man committee member at the event.

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